Meet Our Team

    Helping Our Clients Live the Good Life

    Our Mission is to improve the lives of our clients and community through real estate by consistently adding value to our clients’ experiences and utilizing Real Estate to foster meaningful relationships and communities. 

    Viva The Life Properties specializes in improving the quality of life for our clients through real estate. 

    We believe that when a person purchases a home, they are also buying into the community. This is why we invest in our community by cultivating relationships with local community organizations, cultivating relationships with local business owners, and sponsoring events that enrich the lives of our clients & the community that we serve.

    About Viva The Life (VTL)

    We are your Experts

    Viva The Life has more than forty years of combined experience in the local Real Estate Market, an advantage that our clients can count on. As a result, we’ve developed wonderful friendships and working relationships with our peers in the industry. These relationships help us to be effective & get deals done! Our team is uniquely situated to bring expertise to every stage of the process. The VTL team has lending, finance, title and settlement processing experience. 

    We are your Advocates

    We advocate for our clients, guiding and advising our clients from the initial steps of making or reviewing offers, to the intricacies of the home inspection. Our ability to win offers in this competitive market is a testament to our roots in the real estate community, and how effectively we negotiate on our client’s behalf. We often help our sellers renovate, prepare and stage their properties to get the highest value for their properties. We do the hard work so that our clients can live the good life

    We are your Neighbors

    Viva The Life has deep roots in the community, which is another added value for our clients. We deeply value our partnerships with our community and business partners and have a proven track record of success for our clients. Our community is at the core of our team and our daily lives. Viva The Life supports local community organizations and regularly sponsors events in the community.

    Viva the Life Values

    COMMITMENT. We are committed to providing the highest level of service by being solution-based and always finding a way to meet our clients’ needs.

    OWNERSHIP. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards and always raise the bar to do better every day.

    ADVOCACY. We fiercely advocate for our client’s interestswithout apology. 

    DRIVE. We are driven to be the best in all we do, working as a team to motivate and support each other, and never settling for less than extraordinary.

    HUMILITY. We never forget that we owe everything to the efforts of each team member, our families, and most importantly to the trust our clients have graciously put in us.

    COMMUNITY. We engage our neighbors, community organizations and community businesses, striving to enhance the experience of living in our homes by making our neighborhood fun and welcoming.

    INTEGRITY. We are honest and promise to always do the right thing for our clients, our team, and our business.

    CIVIC ENGAGEMENT. We are passionate about fostering growth in our community and neighbors by leading, supporting local community organizations, sponsoring events, and providing community service.

    About Lou Vivas

    Lou is the leader of the Viva the Life team and a passionate advocate for the community through his various leadership positions in the neighborhood. He strives to improve the community and steward growth through his roles on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) Subcommittee for Zoning as well as his position as the Co-Chair of the District Bridges Commercial Property Vacancy Action Team.

    He also serves on the We Are Family Board of Directors, a group that organizes volunteers to assist and deliver groceries and other services to elderly neighbors in the community.

    Finally, Lou and the team help run a neighborhood blog that’s existed for 12 years… Over the years, this blog has served to inform, support and nurture relationships in our community. Finally, Lou, his daughter, and his mother all live in the community. When you purchase real estate, your not just buying a house, you’re buying the community. Community means the world to Lou and is a core pillar of Viva The Life Properties.

    Contact Lou via email or call him on his cell.
    (240) 479-9124

    Ray Valentine, Realtor


    Kira Geairn, Executive Admin


    Cara Fitzgerald, Realtor

    Born and raised in NY/NJ. Cara J Fitzwater attended Penn State University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Cara J Fitzwater is married and lives in MD with their crazy dog named Arya. She spends her free time spending quality time with family and friends, going to the gym and traveling.

    Elyse Inukai, Realtor

    Born in the heart of Washington DC, Elyse is dedicated to serving the best interests of her clients and helping them manifest their real estate dreams.  She has a BA in Business Marketing from the University of Maryland, College Park, and has been educated in hands-on business entrepreneurship since graduating from college in 2006.  Elyse has managed residential properties since 2012 in Arlington, Virginia and in Los Angeles, California. Elyse combines her passion for ministry and Real Estate to her clients and peers to accomplish their goals.

    Proverbs 37:4 – Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

    Issa Perry, Realtor